Which Rangers Team Will Show in Mordor?

Ynf83Nnw.jpegWell, even though the Rangers dropped two of three against the Rays this weekend, the whole thing was pretty much a wash as Los Anaheim and Los Boston also lost 2 of 3.   So the Rangers are right back where they started on Friday: 5.5 behind Los Anaheim, 1 game back of the BoSox.  Tampa is one game closer, but I can live with that.

The next big question is, which Rangers team will show up in New York on Tuesday?  The shut-em-down, high-octane offense Rangers or the score-all-your-runs-in-the-first-four-innings-then-let-your-opponent-rally-for-the-win Rangers?  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, it was the latter, with the Rangers going up by 4-5 runs against the Twins and Rays, only to allow stupifying rallys in the later innings to blow the lead.

Hopefully, my guys will bring their A-Game to Yankee Stadium this week, but as usual, I have my doubts.

Other boring, misc notes:

1. Chris Davis is being called back up from AAA Oklahoma City.  I’ll be glad to have Chris’s glove back at 1B…hopefully he worked out his problems at the plate while down at OKC.

2. I’m curious to see who gets booted off the roster to make room for Chris…my vote is to release Andruw Jones, the guy is done.

3. I know the Rangers are doing well this year, but I just haven’t been sold on Ron Washington, he’s made too many screwy moves this year.

4. I like Taylor Teagarden, but I want Pudge starting at catcher.

5. Did I mention that Andruw Jones needs to go?

6. The Rays are fast becoming my #4 team, Joe Maddon is a great manager and I really dig Longo, Zobrist, Pena, & co.

7.  The PA guy at The Trop cracks me up…he announces the Rays in an uber-enthusiastic way, but makes each batter from the opposing team seem like Satan coming to the plate.  I know most ballpark announcers do this, it just seemed more pronounced from the guy at The Trop.

8.  I’m so glad to get a break from having to root for the Yankees…this weekend was torture having to cheer them on against the Sox.

And since I’m in one of my “list-making” moods, how about a random, off-the-cuff Baseball, Apple Pie, and Lobster MLB Power Rankings:

1. The Yanks – Until someone proves otherwise, they are the bad-a$ses on the block.

2. Los Anaheim – Yeah, they dropped two against Toronto, but they are still awesome.

3. Philly – They may very well get to the WS again this year, assuming they can get by…

4. …The Cards who appear to be running away with the NL Central.  Jesus, Cubs, hate, etc.

5. Mannywood – They’re starting to slip, but still solid.

6. Colorado – the NL West is within their grasp if Los Dodgers continue to slide.

7. Boston – Not sure what to think of my boys from beantown…I’m having serious doubts after watching his Joshness get thrashed by the Yanks.

8. Texas – Four blown games in the last week…the “other shoe” appears to be dropping in Arlington.

9. Tampa – They are fighters, but appear to share a problem with the Rangers, i.e. not being able to put away mediocre/lousy teams they should be beating.

10. Detroit – They’re leading the AL Central, but that ain’t saying much.  (It sure is nice to be able to rag on someone besides the AL West this year).

Honorable mention – The Fish, Braves, Giants, and Mariners…all of ’em are still hanging in there.




  1. raysfanboy

    You are right on with your point that we can’t put away the lame teams. We play down to their level. Either we lose to them or we get down, then have to fight back to win. Then we’re tired the rest of the series and have to keep fighting. Bad cycle.

    We’ree #4 on the fave list? Great! So maybe your guys won’t mind stepping aside to give us a shot? I’ll be interested to see where each of us is when we meet again in Sept in Texas. Shoudl be fun.

  2. Jonestein

    Julia – Root for the Rangers, of course…lol! Nice one last night against the Other Sox!

    Jeff – I’ll go with BAPL…the ampersand makes it sound too Wall Street(today the BAP&L fell 600 points to a record low) :^). Re: Maddon – maybe it’s the dyed hair that has a grip on me…not that there’s anything wrong with that. And looks like Andruw’s shoe just dropped onto the DL…thank “god”.

    RFB – Looks like your boys are proving me wrong with their handling of His Royness and the Jays. As far as the Rangers stepping aside goes, well, we almost did last night in Newww York…another ninth inning Frank Francisco meltdown. Good thing Elvis was in the building!

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