Good, er-ay-uh, Riddance.

tedken.jpegThis has nothing to do with baseball, but it’s certainly something I’m equally passionate about: Politics and the destructive Big Government shenanigans of “beloved” politicians hailing from places like “Camelot” and “Chicago”.

Yeah, I know it’s rude to speak ill of the recently departed, but I’d rather be rude than dishonest:

GOOD RIDDANCE to that statist piece of crap Ted Kennedy!

Our nation’s plunderers are laughably in mourning over the “loss” of this corrupt, leftist, machine politician whose less-than-romantic legacy is the rubble of our constitutional republic.  So again, GOOD RIDDANCE!

I’m as relieved to see him part as I was when this self-righteous a$s-hat croaked:

falwell.jpegAnd while I’m at it, how about some preemptive “rudeness”, i.e. others I will be overjoyed to see six feet under:

1. Barney Frank, Co-Architect of the current recession/depression.

2. George W. Bush, Puppet-Architect of the accelerated US Police State.

3. Pat Robertson, Another Religious-Right A$shat.

4. Tom Daschle, Why is this guy still being quoted in the media…oh yeah, the media are nothing but a bunch of leftist, partisan DNC cheerleaders.

5. Nancy Pelosi and this entire crop of socialist-democrats infesting Congress.

6. All Neo-Con, New Roman Empire Republicans also infesting Congress.

7. Rick Perry and his anti-evolution dimwit religious coherts who corrupt Texas Politics and make Texas science-education a laughing stock.

8. And of course, The Obamessiah and his Big Government regime. (I’d include his Useful Idiot, “Progressive” flock, but some of these unfortunates are friends of mine).

Ahhh, I feel much better now.

You may return to your laughable mourning.



  1. Jonestein

    Jeff – Not what you were expecting? LOL…I guess you haven’t perused my “Other Blogs/Interests” list to the side!

    I must admit, I’m not being 100% fair with Teddy here, he did help deregulate the trucking industry and pieces of the airline industry in the seventies. The various civil rights movements he helped usher along deserve a nod as well.

    But I could go on and on about his many tax dollar-plundering, wealth redistribution shenannigans and Nanny-State pandering that cancels out any good he did. Don’t get me started.

    Methinks all of the smarmy “End of Camelot”, “Lion of the Senate”, Kennedy-worshipping articles and blog entries just set me off (yes, including your buddy Allen’s blog entry…ESPECIALLY his because RSBS is my favorite baseball blog. Reading the Kennedy entry was like being reminded that one of your favorite ball players is a self-destructive alcholic. BUT like, such as, you said, we US Americans are free to express our opinions, no matter how distasteful they are to others. Damn, this parenthetical aside is getting long.)

    Oh, and thanks for not being hypocritical by telling me I lack “class” for ragging on a newly departed human, like many of your Kennedy-worshiping buddies have over on another MLB thread. My response to them was something to the tune of “Let’s see how much “class” YOU exhibit when some low-life Republican croaks….the disingenuous sympathy will be laughable.” Naturally, my retort got censored by

  2. Jonestein

    Jeff – Well, my list above was not complete by any means, so I’m with ya there. Probably every Bush cronie should be included on the list.

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