The Armchair Manager: Triumph in Mordor Edition

RangersYanksAug09.jpegI’m stunned.  Ron Washington made only one…check that, two managerial screw-ups during the Rangers two-of-three series win in Mordor:

1. During the first game, he brought in Jason Grilli in a pressure situation, too soon off the DL…EXACT same mistake he made with Grilli in Tampa over the weekend.

2. He did not have Frank Francisco sufficiently warmed up to replace Grilli when Grilli started getting hammered in the ninth.  Subsequently, Frankie got hammered.  Fortunately, a lousy bunt by Nick Swisher and a timely line-drive double-play to Elvis Andrus ended the meltdown and the Rangers came away with a win (even though I’m pretty sure Hairston was safe there at second).

But I suppose I’m being too nit-picky.  The visiting boys in blue ended up taking the series from the dreaded New Yorkers, so I can’t complain too much (which is a lie, those of you that frequent this here blog know better).

While listening to yesterday’s series finale, I was actually nodding in agreement with Wash’s decision to put Grilli in the game, despite Grilli’s less-than-desirable previous two outings.  See, in the last two outings, Grilli had JUST come off the DL, and Wash stuck him in two consecutive PRESSURE situations, which I thought was stupid.  I felt Grilli needed to work his way back slowly before getting thrown to the wolves.  So how was yesterday’s THIRD consecutive pressure sitch any different?  Easy, despite the ill-advised timing of the previous outings, Grilli DID get in the work needed for the THIRD pressure sitch…and boy did he kick some buttocks: 2+ inning of lights-out, Mordor-thumping goodness.  Nice comeback Jason!

Additional Kudos:

1. Jon Daniels (Rangers GM) and/or Ron Washington for DFAing Jason Jennings after he got bludgeoned by the Yanks during Wednesday night’s 9-2 loss.  Nothing personal against JJ, but he has really looked bad the last month or so…he needed to go.

2. Ian Kinsler for at last breaking out of his pop-up slump and for “popping-up” two into the Yankees overpriced left-field bleachers.

3. Josh Hamilton for that awesome 4 hit night on Tuesday.  I just wish the power-hitting Hambino would resurface.

4. Chris Davis for having a great attitude during his last two months down at Triple-A OKC.  He went down there, got his swing back, and immediately made an impact during this NY series.  That recovery/ball backflip play to Grilli was f’n awesome too!

5. The Rangers Bullpen – Grilli, CJ, and Frankie pitched kick-a$s, lights-out ball yesterday contributing to that impressive 7-2 win.

6. The ChiSox and A’s for offing the BoSox and Los Anaheim last night, helping the Rangers get back to within 1.5 of the WC and 4 in the AL West.

7. Tampa for taking the night off and allowing an additional half-game pickup on them in the WC race.  Yes, we’ll take every inch we can get.



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