A Final, Fleeting Gasp of Timid Optimism

optimism.jpgYes, I realize just two posts ago I declared my Texas Rangers DOA, but another glance at the remaining schedules of Los Anaheim and Los Arlington, along with a dash of irrational hope, gives me pause to think my boys can still win the AL West.

My irrational hope is of course contingent upon several baseball planets agreeing to align:

1. The mighty Rangers offense must awake from it’s untimely slumber.  One miserable run in the last thirty-seven innings…the thought makes me want to short-circuit this post immediately and don my Red Sox gear.

2. Despite what our bargain-basement manager, Ron Washington says, taking JUST two of three from the Angels this weekend ain’t gonna cut it!  Two of three would net us one lousy game in the AL West Standings, which, Ron, is still 5.5 games back with just 14 games left.  ONLY a sweep of the Angels will do.

3. Assuming the improbable sweep of the Halos, we must, somehow, someway, figure out HOW TO BEAT THE G’DAMN LAST PLACE OAKLAND FKN A’S!  Three of four next week in the gangsta-infested land of green and yellow would suffice, assuming…

4….the Yankees don’t lie down next week in their three game set in Los Anaheim.  A Yankees sweep of the Halos coupled with some semblance of baseball competence in the Land of Oaks would put us within a half game of first in the AL West.

5. Any combination of break even-ness Sept 25-27, but preferably sweepage by the Rangers and at least one loss by the Angels. (Tampa @Texas, Oakland @Los Anaheim)  Which sets the stage for…

6. …Sept 28 – Oct 1 in Los Anaheim between the Halos and Rangers.  A series win could vault the Rangers into first place. (on a side note: I’ll be at Fenway watching the Sox play the Injuns on Oct 1)

7. But then they face the M’s at Seattle for the final three, with the Halos at Oakland, so it would be a matter of the Rangers clinging for dear life in the Pacific Northwest…hopefully we would not have to face Felix Hernandez in this scenario.

Yeah, I know, this sequence of improbables is as likely to happen as the socialist goons in D.C. thrusting a non-disasterous universal health care system(redundant) upon us, but I can dream (along with the naive supporters of said [insert clever/insulting word prepended with “Obama”].



  1. Jonestein

    DG – I think I “borrowed” “Los Anaheim” from Ginny at The Watercooler. Ichiro’s walk-off against the Yanks was pretty fkn awesome the other night…he is da man!

    Buz – Turns out it was a pipe dream…muh boys are pretty much done for the year fer shur now.

    Julia – Yeah I was at that pathetic excuse for a game Friday night, as well as the pathetic excuse for a win on Saturday…and after watching Sunday’s collapse, well, let’s just say I made the trip to the mound and have called in the Red Sox from the BAPL bullpen.

    Jeff – Yeah, I’m a regular Duke of Diction. [\sarcasm] As far as my Rangers go(not very, apparently) I always root for them till the end, but like I told Julia above, I’ve had to go to the bullpen in order to extend my fandom to October. If the Sox fall, then the Boys from Busch will be up and throwing.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Good call. Then, in order to gain your support (we could use a no-holds-barred Lexicon Leviathan), I hope the Sox fall hard and git done quick!

  3. luckylori

    Jonestein…once again I’m playing catch up but for Pete’s sake, can you make up your mind??? Rangers or Red Sox? What’s it gonna be? Do I hate you a little or do I hate you with the heat of 1000 blazing suns? The Yankees beat my Angels last night so how does that figure into your equation? I’m so confused.

  4. Jonestein

    Lori – I made the call to my fandom bullpen, brought in the Red Sox, and gave my Rangers an “atta-boy” slap on the a$s as they headed back to the BAPL dugout. I’m still rooting for them to hang on to second place though, seeing as how that is now in jeopardy. So I guess you can hate me blazing suns style, especially when the Sox send your guys packing, once again, in the ALDS.

  5. Jonestein

    Jeff – You should use Lori’s hate analogy in one of your patented tag lines: “Hate me with the heat of 1000 blazing suns, just don’t hate me cuz I’m right.”

  6. Jonestein

    Jeff – You’re forgetting one thing: RSBS entries are entertaining and well-written, while BAPL entries are hacky spleen vents peppered with poor grammar, fandom futility(this is a Rangers blog), and way too many parenthetical asides. Therefore, BAPL requires self-imposed one-post-a-week “Joba Rules”, while RSBS should have an MLBlogs mandated ten entry per day minimum quota.

  7. redstatebluestate

    LOL, Jonestein. You’re a funny guy… ya get me laughin’ so I wouldn’t sell yourself so short if I were you. Congrats on being confined to “Joba Rules” though… and Joba thought he was havin’ all the fun. What a chump 🙂

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