BAPL in Beantown, [Continued] – Fenway Pahk, Mr. Dooley’s, and Hahvahd; PLUS – BAPL Divisional Playoff  Predictions

FenwayPressbox.JPGI’ll spare you the remaining pics of my Fenway Park tour, like the ones posted yesterday, they were taken from my cell phone camera and the quality, well, ain’t.

Anyway, after the tour, my buddy and I hopped back on the subway, headed back to the hotel, and much to my surprise, the bag American Airlines so kindly lost for Mrs. J and I showed up at the concierge desk.  Good thing, because it contained 95% of our clothes, which included our Texas Rangers jerseys.  I was going to wear my Red Sox gear to the game, but Jeff, Mrs. J, and I decided to “represent” our boys by sporting our royal blue Texas Rangers jerseys and assorted hats.

(Note: The above/to-the-right pic was taken from our seats)

I was very surprised by the Fenway crowd, most congratulated us for our team’s better-than-expected 2009 season, however we did get several incredulous “Texas?!?” exclamations by passers-by, non of which sounded the least bit threatening, just fun, rivalry razzing.

Here are some pics from that incredible place called Fenway Park:

1. View of the field from our awesome seats:


2. Mrs. J and I enjoying some first class ballpark food (really, it was awesome):


3. Mrs. J and I from the aisle next to our seats (also my new profile pic):

4. My buddy Jeff and I at the same spot:


5. The John Hancock big screen:


6. Jeff and I down by the field after the game:


7. A couple of me at the same spot:



After the game, we went back to the hotel, changed clothes, and headed over to this great little pub called “Mr. Dooley’s”.  We landed at Mr. Dooley’s all three nights we were in Boston.  Here are some drunken pics:

1. Mrs. J and I, pre-sloshed:


2. Jeff and I flashing our “gang signs”.  We dubbed our street gang “The Blubs”:


3. Me, apparently trying to impersonate a rotund Tony Romo with hypertension, decked out in Red Sox gear.  I was several Smithwicks in by this point so I honestly don’t have a clue what the context of this pic was (but I’m pretty sure my pass was intercepted by the ghost of Michael Collins):


I won’t bore you with the touristy details surrounding the remainder of the trip…I’ll just bore you with a few more pictures:

1. Jeff and I outside Mr. Dooley’s right before we left for the airport:


2. Mrs. J and I at the Hahvahd subway stop:


3. Revenge of the Legal Seafood Lobster!:


4. Jeff and I at the aquarium:


5. And finally, Mrs. J and I at the aquarium:


Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  Fenway was beyond awesome, Little Italy The North End was heaven (I could spend weeks there gorging myself on Italian food), and MAN, my feet are tired!

Thanks for the great time, Boston!


2009 Off-the-Cuff BAPL Divisional Playoff Predictions

1. ALDS – Red Sox/Angels

As much as I want my #2 Sox to win it all, I think the Angels just might take ’em this time.

BAPL Predic: Angels 3 games to 2, pulling out a heart-stopping win in Game 5

2. ALDS – Twinks/Yanks

Not to take anything away from the Twinks’ impressive AL Central Tiger-thump, but I’m pretty dang sure my Rangers would do a much better job of getting swept by the Yankees in this one.

BAPL Predic: Yankees 3 games to 0 in a yawner.

3. NLDS – Rocks/Phils

Gotta give the Rockies credit, they had an awesome second half run.  Too bad it’ll end here.

BAPL Predic: Phils 3 games to 1.

4. NLDS – Cards/Dodgers

His Albertness shall dominate.  Nuff said.

BAPL Predic: Cards 3 games to 2.





  1. redstatebluestate

    I hope your prediction is right (for the Redbirds that is). Great pics too btw! Now, maybe you or your friend Jeff can help me: What is the deal with the ugly red Rangers unis, caps, etc? Why the changeup from blue to red. I remember the first time I ever saw those red unis and Will Clark was on the team and I couldn’t figure out what team was playing (this is before the auto score chromos at the top). Please. EXPLAIN THE RANGER RED.

  2. Jonestein

    Jeff – I think I pretty much cover it here:—lose-the-red-uniforms.html

    In a nutshell, it’s probably a merchandising thang, i.e. sell more jerseys to the fans. I hate the red alternates because since I was a kid, royal blue has always been the Rangers primary color(late nineties the exception), with red as just a highlight color.

    Plus we already have an AL West rival that sports the ugly *** red…and guess what unis the Rangers choose to wear when said rival is in town? Yup, when the Halos are in town, Rangers Ballpark looks like Nolan Ryan just parted the Red Sea with a 100mph fastball.

    Anyway, I hope they ditch the reds in 2010 or just merge us with the Angels.

    BTW, were you aware of this site:
    I laughed my a$s off when I found it because I’m such a whiny beyotch when it comes to unis…I fit right in there.


  3. Jonestein

    TV/TG – Yep, it was a blast, ya gotta go there sometime.

    Peter – LOL! I just noticed those two, they do look terrified!


  4. Jonestein

    DG – I was fine with the loss because the Rangers did manage to “clinch” second place on Friday night…lol. Had your boys swiped 2nd from us I would have thrown a childish tantrum then blamed it all on you.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Mmm. Excellent! Thanks for the links and explanation. I say your best bet is to merge with Los Angels of Los Anaheim… you might reach the postseason that way. ZING! 😉

  6. Jonestein

    Dillon – Thanks!

    Jeff – Agreed re: merger…but they’d have to go back to their pre-2002 color scheme…the red is just too much!

    Julia – I shall beat my friend’s Dad, a former Cape Cod resident, over the head with a wet noodle for telling us it was called “Little Italy”. Thanks for setting me straight. :^)

    Jenn – Thanks, and yes, it was a blast!

    Wet – Thanks, and ok, I’m game. What’s so “sad” about my bio? Let me guess:

    1. Lifelong Rangers fan. Agreed. A sad state of affairs indeed. What’s even sadder: I purchased 2010 season tickets for more gut-wrenching heartbreak. Guess I’m a baseball sadist…or masochist…I always get the two confused and I’m too lazy to bring up in another Firefox tab for definitions.
    2. Red Sox supporter. Sorry, but I really like baseball and need a team to root for in October since my Rangers seem to give up in September. I also like Boston, a true baseball town that is envy-worthy.
    3. Cowboys/Stars/Mavs fan. I am marginal fan of each since baseball is the only sport I’d keep if I could only have one and since I have a limited budget/amount of enthusiasm. Even if I wasn’t, I see nothing “sad” about being a fan of any of them as they each consistently put a winner on the field/ice/court every year. Lack of recent/any championships does not bother’s the journey that counts. (how smug was THAT? LOL)
    4. I like cigars. Which would mean you are one of those hysterical numbskulls that equate tobacco smoke with mustard gas. Try reading actual studies on second-hand smoke, you’ll be pretty p!ssed off about how you’ve been duped by the anti-tobacco Nazis.
    5. Secular. Which means you are religilous and are taking pity on my non-existent soul. If this is the case, allow me to tell you how this conversation will end: I will shred your apologetics with logic and reason, you will subsequently hide behind “faith”.
    6. Libertarian. You THINK you know what libertarians are all about, but like most voters deceived by our ONE party, two faction system of tax dollar plunderers, you’ve probably just read the naive opinions of our small and irrelevant Anarchist faction. Odds are you also think that anarchists are for “chaos”. You’d be wrong there too.
    7. Software Minion. After 20 years of it, yes, very sad. I truly hate my job.
    8. You are a friend or family member who has created a sock-puppet account on MLBlogs for the sole purpose of pushing my buttons because you love to read my smug, indignant, self-righteous responses. If so, “Tewchee”, as we say here in Texas.
    9. You are a clueless, Xbox playing, pants-below-the-waist teen who has no freakin idea what anything I wrote in #4-8 above means. Advice: remain a clueless teen. The responsibilities inherent with adulthood s*ck. Except for the part where you can afford to buy season tickets for your favorite baseball team, that part is pretty freakin sweet. Unless, of course, you are a…(see #1).

    Did I miss anything?

    p.s. Yes, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

  7. redstatebluestate

    Dude, this has become the best new place to get a laugh. What a great retort (and I promise I am not “wetfeet”) because if I were to make an alter-ego MLB account to wreak havoc w/ I’d go w/ some off the wall sexual innuendo like “thirdbasethreat” or “Iluv2baggers” or “ThunderStick”. The good just keeps on a gettin’ gooder at BAPL. Are you on Twitter yet? You should join up and join in the baseball-politico and oft “religulous” wars I always find myself gettin’ into. Cheers!

  8. Jonestein

    Emma – Tanky! Definitely check out Mr. Dooley’s next time you are in Beantown. It’s right next door to the Hilton in the financial district.

    ThunderStick – Thanks again, and yes, I’m sorta on Twitter, i.e. I have an account, but I’m too impatient to learn the ins and outs of the site and how to get Twats (something that, sadly, has plagued me my whole life). I also need to figure out how to filter out/delete “followers” like FinanceYourTinyPenis and WorkYerFlabbyAbsYouFatFk.


  9. wetfeet

    Jonestein wrong on all points. I am 65, I do go to church. I go to the blogs to follow sports not someones opinion on religon, I would be the same if you were pushing religion. I also enjoy a good cigar.

  10. Jonestein

    Wet – Ok then, I’m just curious for curiosity’s sake: why do you find my blog bio “sad”?

  11. wetfeet

    As I stated I check out the sports blogs to discuss or read about sports. Not comments about religion pro or con. For my taste sports blogs should be sports, if I wanted to discuss religion pro or con I woluld go to religion based blogs. Maybe I should of used another word other than sad. I was not calling your comments on religion sad, just not the place for it.

  12. Jonestein

    Wet – Not to beat a dead horse with a trite metaphor, but you still haven’t said why you find my BIO PAGE “sad”, not the snarcky retort I made in response to your original comment.

    I absolutely get that you come to sports blogs to read about sports, not religion or politics. You’ve just got me curious as heck as to why you found my BIO “sad”…it made absolutely no sense to me, that’s all.

  13. wetfeet

    Jonestein I will try to explain. I have been a baseball fan for 60 years, since I was 6 , a RANGER fan since they moved to Texas. I have gone to church most of my life, I have voted since I turned 21. I found you blog enjoyed it, so I read about you. I could have written about myself and sports, they would have been near the same. Then your comments about politics and religion. I live my religion, and keep it to my self, if ask about religion, I recommend a good pastor. Our politics are most likely near the same, but most every time I hear someone start discussing politics it never ends well. Again I go to sports blogs to read about sports and sports ONLY. The sad part was that anytine you may change from sports talk to religion or politics.

  14. Jonestein

    Wet – Again, you sound like you are commenting on my earlier retort, NOT my MLBlog “About Jonestein” page:

    …which is what I assumed you were referring to in you’re original comment which read:

    “good blog sad bio”

    A bio page, by definition, is intended to be a place to tell your readers a little bit about yourself, which I do, and which is why I started the bio off with:

    “Cigar-loving secular libertarian who toils as a software minion in Foat Wuth, Texas. Baseball is my fav sport, a chess game with athleticism. Those who think it is “slow” or “boring” are A.D.D. dimwits who can go stick their X-boxes where the ballpark sun doesn’t shine.
    Lifetime Texas Rangers fan (30+ yrs now)…”

    …which got me wondering what you think is “sad” about the words written on the bio page.

    I don’t think we are on the same “page” regarding this whole “sad” business and you’ve pretty much worn me out trying to get us on the same page, so this’ll be my last attempt to pry an answer out of you.



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