BAPL ALCS/NLCS Predictions: Nothing to see here…

barbrady.jpegI’m not feeling terribly inspired or witty today, as I think I blew my snarck-wad in the last several posts, comments sections, and on Facebook…so you might want to take Officer Barbrady’s advice and “Move along, there’s nothing to see here”, this is probably going to be a boring post.

*waits for you to move along*

Ok, so how did the Magic BAPL Prediction Box® do in the ALDS and NLDS? Looks like I went 3-1, with an asterisk next to the “3”:

1. Los Anaheim in five over Boston.

Well, I got the “over” part right.  Unfortunately, the Halos heroics were too much for my boys from Beantown, and there was no dramatic game five win, just an embarrasing three-game sweep in front of a stunned Beantown crowd.  It seems Post-Season Papelbon is mortal afterall.

2. Yanks sweep Twinks.

Check.  This was the easiest of the predictions, though the Twinks fell valiantly.

3. Phils 3 games to 1 over the Rox.

Nailed it.

4. Cardinals 3 games to 2 over the Dodgers.

Not so much.  Not sure that Matt Holliday’s flubolla made any difference in this one as the Cardinals decided to do their best impersonation of the September 2009 Texas Rangers.  I really thought the Cardinal bats would overpower the Dodger pitching. Looks like this prediction fell victim to an old adage. Worst of all: Padilla.  Blech.


Now, onward and forward to the ALCS and NLCS, slightly tainted because I’m a day late and the Phils beat Los Angeles of Los Angeles last night:

1. ALCS – Yanks over the Angels in Six.

I actually WANT the Angels to win because I would love to see a LAA-LALA World Series…and I actually WANT the Angels to win the World Series because it would be a huge, symbolic middle finger to all of the AL West bashers out there.  But alas, as much as it pains me to say this, I think the Yanks are the “real deal” this year.  The Halos will give em one helluva fight, but the Evil Empire will prevail.

2. NLCS – Dodgers over Phils in Seven.

I’ll at least get half of my desired World Series, and MLB, FOX, and anyone who benefits from good television ratings will get their full WS wish as the Dodgers prevail in an epic dogfight(I can’t believe I’m starting to use the word “epic” all of the time.  I sound like my 17 yr old nephew…EVERYTHING is “Epic”…lol).  The Phils, like the Angels, will not go down easily and shall fight valiantly to the bitter end.

Not that my predictions matter, as I think any combination will give us a great World Series this year.

Ok, that’s it.  Told you it would be boring.






  1. luckylori

    Hey Jonestein!!!
    I’m still here. Can’t tell you how many times I clicked “comment” after one of your blogs, only to be side-tracked. I completely enjoyed traveling vicariously with you to Boston (of course I did NOT cheer for the Red Sox vicariously or otherwise). My superstitions have gotten the best of me and I think I’m trying to fly under the radar much like my Angels. I’m afraid to open my mouth (or type) for fear I’ll somehow jinx my team. Would’ve loved to say everything I was thinking about your Red Sox! Right now, I am as uncocky, humbly optimistic and nervous as can be. I won’t even mention how much I, ummm, “appreciated” the Dodgers/Phillies game last night for fear it could be construed as “trash talk”. As you can imagine, this is one situation I wouldn’t want to be eating my words afterward! Amid all this ever-important baseball, we’ve gotten busy at work. I shouldn’t complain. For a while it was looking as if I’d have tons of time on my hands for blogging (as in lay-off) so it’s good that has improved. Too bad my work computer is a piece of crap that prevents me from doing two things at once nearly all the time. On top of everything, I said “yes” to dog-sitting (what the hell was I thinking?) Hyperactive ankle-biters and parrots don’t mix well so at night I’ve been playing zoo keeper. This dog should be picked up tonight, minutes before the Angels/Yanks game. If not, he’ll be sitting on my front curb with his chew toys tied to a stick with a bandana. Find me on facebook! Lori Myers…you’ll recognize the pic. One more thing, I’ve been wondering how Mrs. Jonestein feels about you having a “#2”? That does only apply to baseball, right??? 😉

  2. juliasrants

    Sadly – I think the Yankees will beat the Angels (Truthfully? I don’t want either of them to win!) but the Dodgers-Phillies series is going to be interesting. I see it going to 7 games, but I don’t know who will win.


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