1. raysrenegade

    A special day just for me (lol).
    Seriously, I want to send a huge round of applause to you and your guys. They played like champions last night by playing the Rays usual style of play.
    Your team deserved every ounce of wet goodness last night by changing up the usual and bringing a new aspect to Rangers gamesmanship.
    Best of luck against those pinstriped ones.
    Hope Josh Hamilton and the boys have another great 4 games in them starting this Friday night!

    Rays Renegade


  2. devilabrit

    Great job by all, made at the ALDS very entertaining…. it seems Doctober is full of Halladays, with the new Cliffmas….

    Great stuff, it’s gonna be one hell of a pair of LCS series this year…


    Phillies Outside

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Jingle All the Freakin’ Way Dude! Your team has had a million things go wrong this year with owners, a tooted-up manager and blah blah…who am I telling. But you guys just might be scripting the miracle story. Good Luck. Have a BLAST at the Games!! Congratulations. What a year to get season tickets.

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