Foaty One

41_dirk2.JPGPictorial Countdown to Opening Day 2011, Starring Various Dallas/Foat Wuth Sports Stars Past and Present.


No brainer here with Dirk Nowitzki, who will no doubt go down as the greatest Dallas Maverick in the history of the franchise.

The top pic to your right is from one of the 2010 playoff games (ALDS I think) with His Dirkness sporting a shweeeet Dirk Rangers jersey.

Take notes, Michael Young – Dirk exhibits the requisite amount of greatness warranting whiny, primadonna-like behavior, except that he doesn’t act like a whiny primadonna… just sayin’.

41_waters.jpgImpossible for a DFW sports fan to not include this #41 – Charlie Waters.  He was the other half of the awesome duo of Cowboys safeties (see Cliff Harris from Day 43) from the Dallas teams of the 1970’s.

Ok, it’s impossible for folks from my generation to not include Charlie – I’m betting most modern day twenty-something fans don’t know or care who Charlie Waters was.  Their loss.

Happy Friday!




  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    What? No Mark Aguirre? No shout-out to Jason Kidd for gifting you with his presence after spending his best years away from the organization he started with? Rolando Blackman?
    : o

    Dirk is a beast.

  2. Jonestein

    Mike – Aguirre will make an appearance on Day 24, Blackman on Day 22. I liked Aguirre but he never really wanted to be a Mav (he wanted to be a Piston, which he eventually was), so that automatically discounts his value as “Best Mav Ever”. Blackman was probably my favorite Mav from back-in-the-day, and his number 22 is one of only 2 retired numbers for the Mavs (Brad Davis’ #15 is the other). But really, even if you combine Aguirre and Blackman, they pale in comparison to the greatness of The Dirk.

    I’m just glad Kidd is here this year. Certainly not one of the greatest Mavs, but boy is he still good at running that offense, even at age 37.


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