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Yet Another Dagger to my Fandom Heart

New-York-Yankees-001.jpegSteelers, Lakers, now…Yankees.  I’d throw in the Penquins but I’m still a hockey neophyte learning who I’m supposed to “hate” as a Dallas Stars fan, so clubbing the Pens just feels disingenuine.

As a Cowboys fan, seeing the Steelers win another Supe(from my hospital bed, no less) was bad enough.  Granted, it could have been much, much worse…only a Redskins SB win would get my goat more.  Thankfully, THAT nightmare doesn’t appear to be on the horizon anytime soon, merci beaucoup, Messrs. Snyder & Zorn.

Lakers..meh.  I honestly haven’t paid much attention to the Mavs or NBA in several years, so that pill wasn’t too hard to swallow…plus, Phil Jackson is a damned good coach, so the Left Coast Evil Empire actually deserved another ring, I suppose.

Which brings us to last night, Nov 4, 2009, and THE Evil Empire finishing off the Phils for Numero Twenty-Seven-o.  As a Texas Rangers fan/Boston Red Sox supporter, it just doesn’t get any worse than this;  1. They’re the Yankees.  2. In the only three playoff appearences by my beloved Arlingtonians, guess who knocked ’em out?  3. As a Red Sox supporter, see #1.

I suppose I shouldn’t be hatin’ on the Yanks just to hate on ’em.  Yeah, they “buy” their championships, which the libertarian/free market economics guy in me (I really need to stop bending over in the shower for that soap) shouldn’t have a problem with.  I’m happy for former Ranger Mark Teixeira, he’s a great ballplayer.  Great to see Matsui get the MVP in what is presumably his last year in the pinstripes.  Even A-Rod, bane of Rangerdom existence…he really stepped up in the playoffs. 

Nah, that’s no fun, I f*ckin’ hate the Yankees, they still S*CK!