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Best Shot of the Night

…and Bengie’s HR was pretty awesome too. 

Thanks for making me eat crow about trading for you, Bengie.  Rays Renegade was spot on about you…absolutely CLUTCH!

Props to ACWNS09 at Lone Star Ball for the GIF.


Yet Another Dagger to my Fandom Heart

New-York-Yankees-001.jpegSteelers, Lakers, now…Yankees.  I’d throw in the Penquins but I’m still a hockey neophyte learning who I’m supposed to “hate” as a Dallas Stars fan, so clubbing the Pens just feels disingenuine.

As a Cowboys fan, seeing the Steelers win another Supe(from my hospital bed, no less) was bad enough.  Granted, it could have been much, much worse…only a Redskins SB win would get my goat more.  Thankfully, THAT nightmare doesn’t appear to be on the horizon anytime soon, merci beaucoup, Messrs. Snyder & Zorn.

Lakers..meh.  I honestly haven’t paid much attention to the Mavs or NBA in several years, so that pill wasn’t too hard to swallow…plus, Phil Jackson is a damned good coach, so the Left Coast Evil Empire actually deserved another ring, I suppose.

Which brings us to last night, Nov 4, 2009, and THE Evil Empire finishing off the Phils for Numero Twenty-Seven-o.  As a Texas Rangers fan/Boston Red Sox supporter, it just doesn’t get any worse than this;  1. They’re the Yankees.  2. In the only three playoff appearences by my beloved Arlingtonians, guess who knocked ’em out?  3. As a Red Sox supporter, see #1.

I suppose I shouldn’t be hatin’ on the Yanks just to hate on ’em.  Yeah, they “buy” their championships, which the libertarian/free market economics guy in me (I really need to stop bending over in the shower for that soap) shouldn’t have a problem with.  I’m happy for former Ranger Mark Teixeira, he’s a great ballplayer.  Great to see Matsui get the MVP in what is presumably his last year in the pinstripes.  Even A-Rod, bane of Rangerdom existence…he really stepped up in the playoffs. 

Nah, that’s no fun, I f*ckin’ hate the Yankees, they still S*CK!