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Obligatory Ron Washington Blow Post

wash_fwstel.JPGBy now, most of you have probably read the news that Rangers manager Ron Washington has admitted to doing some blow during the 2009 season, done the “I’m very sorry” thang, and has Nolan & co “standing behind him” on the issue.

Which is fine with me, your friendly neighborhood Rangers blogster because honestly, I don’t give a flip what Ron or anyone else does in their spare time.  As long as Ron isn’t coked up during game time, I don’t give a shiite, it’s no different than him getting drunk on his own time vs. being drunk in the dugout.

That’s all I really have to say on the matter…I’ll spare your my libertarian rant on the miserable failure known as the “War on Drugs”.


Picture of Ron Washington by Ron Jenkins of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.