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Q: Big Contract-itis?

slacker.jpg Fantasy baseball has opened my eyes to many facets of baseball that I’ve never really payed attention to in the past. One phenomenon that has gotten my attention this year is what I’m dubbing “Big Contract-itis”, i.e. player signs big-money contract, player proceeds to have significant drop in performance.

Close to home in Arlington, we have witnessed this phenomenon with Rangers “ace”, Scott Feldman.  He had a stellar 2009, got rewarded with a big contract in 2010 (big by Rangers standards), and has proceeded to look like hammered shiite so far this season.

Last night at the ballpark, I watched the Rangers hammer “King” Felix Hernandez…again.  Felix is hardly his 2009 self and guess what?  Big contract and long-term commitment from the Mariners at the beginning of the season.

While I realize we are only at the 1/3 mark of the season, I can’t help notice that big contract-itis seems to have afflicted others around the league: Ryan Howard, Jason Bay, Chone Figgins, and much to my fantasy baseball dismay, Joe Mauer.

So, BAPL Nation, I want to know what you think of this phenomenon:

1. If there is such a thing, is it a conscious thought process, or subconscious thought process?

2. Is Big Contract-itis a manifestation of the human tendency to get complacent when secure?

3. Or is it just too early in the season to be diagnosing this “disease”?

Lemee know what you think…