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Foaty One

41_dirk2.JPGPictorial Countdown to Opening Day 2011, Starring Various Dallas/Foat Wuth Sports Stars Past and Present.


No brainer here with Dirk Nowitzki, who will no doubt go down as the greatest Dallas Maverick in the history of the franchise.

The top pic to your right is from one of the 2010 playoff games (ALDS I think) with His Dirkness sporting a shweeeet Dirk Rangers jersey.

Take notes, Michael Young – Dirk exhibits the requisite amount of greatness warranting whiny, primadonna-like behavior, except that he doesn’t act like a whiny primadonna… just sayin’.

41_waters.jpgImpossible for a DFW sports fan to not include this #41 – Charlie Waters.  He was the other half of the awesome duo of Cowboys safeties (see Cliff Harris from Day 43) from the Dallas teams of the 1970’s.

Ok, it’s impossible for folks from my generation to not include Charlie – I’m betting most modern day twenty-something fans don’t know or care who Charlie Waters was.  Their loss.

Happy Friday!


(45, 44, 43) Days Until Opening Day

Pictorial countdown to Opening Day 2011, starring various Dallas/Foat Wuth sports stars past and present.
(I meant to start this on Monday, but got distracted by a shiny object)

45_holland.jpg45 Days (Monday)

Derek Holland, he of the eleven straight balls and three straight walks in the disaster that was Game 2 of the 2010 World Series.  He’s been a top prospect for the last few years, but it’s time for him to step up in 2011 and earn/keep a spot in the starting rotation.

44_Newhouse.jpg44 Days (Tuesday)

Robert Newhouse, Dallas Cowboys fullback from my junior high/high school days.  Nicknamed “The Bowling Ball”, he was short, stout, lead blocker for Tony Dorsett back in the day.  Was pretty good on short yardage third-down carries too if I remember right.

43 Days (Today)43_harris.jpg 

Cliff Harris, another former Cowboys great, tormented wide receivers along with Charlie Waters for those great Cowboys teams of the 70’s.  I had his autograph (along with many other Cowboys of that period), but somehow managed to lose it like an idiot.

Happy Hump Day!


Yet Another Dagger to my Fandom Heart

New-York-Yankees-001.jpegSteelers, Lakers, now…Yankees.  I’d throw in the Penquins but I’m still a hockey neophyte learning who I’m supposed to “hate” as a Dallas Stars fan, so clubbing the Pens just feels disingenuine.

As a Cowboys fan, seeing the Steelers win another Supe(from my hospital bed, no less) was bad enough.  Granted, it could have been much, much worse…only a Redskins SB win would get my goat more.  Thankfully, THAT nightmare doesn’t appear to be on the horizon anytime soon, merci beaucoup, Messrs. Snyder & Zorn.

Lakers..meh.  I honestly haven’t paid much attention to the Mavs or NBA in several years, so that pill wasn’t too hard to swallow…plus, Phil Jackson is a damned good coach, so the Left Coast Evil Empire actually deserved another ring, I suppose.

Which brings us to last night, Nov 4, 2009, and THE Evil Empire finishing off the Phils for Numero Twenty-Seven-o.  As a Texas Rangers fan/Boston Red Sox supporter, it just doesn’t get any worse than this;  1. They’re the Yankees.  2. In the only three playoff appearences by my beloved Arlingtonians, guess who knocked ’em out?  3. As a Red Sox supporter, see #1.

I suppose I shouldn’t be hatin’ on the Yanks just to hate on ’em.  Yeah, they “buy” their championships, which the libertarian/free market economics guy in me (I really need to stop bending over in the shower for that soap) shouldn’t have a problem with.  I’m happy for former Ranger Mark Teixeira, he’s a great ballplayer.  Great to see Matsui get the MVP in what is presumably his last year in the pinstripes.  Even A-Rod, bane of Rangerdom existence…he really stepped up in the playoffs. 

Nah, that’s no fun, I f*ckin’ hate the Yankees, they still S*CK!




NFL: Enough with the Manufactured Nostalgia


Yes, dear readers, now that the “Los Angeles” Angels of Anaheim, California have succeeded in sweeping my #2 team, the “Boston” Red Sox of Boston, Taxachucetts, and thus, sweeping my MLB enthusiam out the door until next spring, it’s time for another heart-warming episode of “Jonestein B!tches About Petty Things Completely Out of His Control”, and yes, another exacerbatingly long opening sentence wrought with comma abuse, typos, and diction ineptness, all brought to you by the Texas State Board of Education, where evolution is Just a Theory® and The Bible is the only science text book God’s Children® will ever need.

In today’s episode, we discuss the insipid practice of shilling NFL merchandise under the pretense of “nostalgia“, otherwise known as the “Throwback Game”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the libertarian, free market economics guy in me (insert tasteless joke here) is all for making money, but there is just something disingenuous at work here that leaves a bad taste in my mouth(I’m just lobbing these over the plate, eh?) and this, once again, “manufactured nostalgia” is just one of the many off-putting things that have made me a marginal NFL fan over the years. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, MLB does it’s share of Fake Nostalgia Games, as well as it’s Racism-Guilt Baiting Games, but like any blogger worth his salt, I choose to ignore that fact and continue to wax sanctimoniously, not missing a beat.

alfred-e-obama-mad.jpgAnyway, much like the awarding of the now meaningless Nobel Peace Prize and it’s manufactured prestige to our President, Saint Hopenchange, these “throwback” games are just grandiose marketing schemes designed to sell us a bunch of crap we don’t need: more “authentic”/replica jerseys, t-shirts, and socialized medicine that we can’t pay for and haven’t really thought through. 

And of course, there’s the putrid aesthetics.  Take those gawd-awful throwbacks sported by the Denver Broncos yesterday.  Those things were hideous back when they were hideous.  I’m certainly no fashion maven, but what kind of bush-league, embarrasment of an organization would subject their players to the ridicule inherent with sporting yellow and brown uniforms?

Not only did I want to go all Oedipus(sans the mom-porking) over those hideous Broncos throwbacks,  I had to endure yet another game watching Brady & Co. wear their bland throwbacks, you know, the ones with the Smiling, Patriotic Reach-Around Guy on the helmet?  Blech.

Then there was my beloved heroes, the Dallas Cowboys, decked out in their circa 1960 blue and white abominations, playing “The Game That Never Was” with the Kansas City Chefs/Dallas Texans.  Yeah, I got a warm fuzzy, harkening back to those days in 1960 I remember so fondly, floating around in Dad’s gnads, waiting for that call up to Big Leagues.  Thing is, those unis were hideous back then too, so much that the paisley-like former incarnation of myself could even sense it down at Double A.


So please, NFL, spare us the smarmy, manufactured nostalgia.  Limit this nonsense to ONE week per season, preferably during the Cowboys bye week.



 Photo from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Alfred E. Obama from here.