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Curve Appeal


My baseball-widow of a wife has finally figured out how to resurrect precious QT inevitably lost during the 6+ months all of us here at MLBlogs know as “Baseball Season”: she’s started watching games with me on the tube when the Rangers are out of town or when I’m not MIA at Rangers Ballpark. 

Now, I have no delusions that she’s actually becoming a baseball fan, that’s the stuff of Hollywood.  I doubt she will ever appreciate the awesomeness of a nasty breaking ball, the grace of a 6-4-3 double-play, or the greatness that is Albert Pujols. 

No, dear readers, the shared baseball experience between Mrs. J and moi will always take place in a place I call “The HGTV Zone”. 

Here are some observations from “the other side” (of the couch):

1) The opening to “Baseball Tonight” is cute

2) Wrigley Field would be a great place to visit because of the ivy.**

3) Rangers Ballpark should have ivy.

4) Vicente Padilla needs to take a shower.  (I agree with this observation)

5) Players should be required to button the top button on their jerseys.

6) The long-pantleg look is sloppy.  All players should wear stockings like that cutie Ian Kinsler.  (Sadly, and this will cost me “man-points”, I agree.  Not with the “cutie Kinsler” part, I’d have to burn my man-card for that, but with the pants leg thing)

7) The Rangers red uniforms are ugly.  (Ok, that’s mine.  I know, that’ll be two man-points)

8) It shouldn’t be called a walk-off, it should be called a hop-off, because they’re all hopping around at home-plate.

9) “Pujols” sounds a lot like Poo Holes. (Ok, that one was hardly HGTV, more MTV, but she made the phonetic observation, not me.  I would never say something like that about His Albertness unless, of course, he hit a World Series Game 7 hop-off against the Rangers or Red Sox)

10) C.J. Wilson is sooooo cute!

11) Jacoby Ellsbury is soooo cute!

12) Stop looking at the Rangers ball-girl!!!

…and those are just some of the tidbits I’ve been treated to from our couch this season.  Tonight, Mrs. J is actually going with me to see the Red Sox/Rangers game at the ballpark.  I may be posting an “HGTV Zone: From-the-Ballpark Edition” entry tomorrow.

Wish me luck. 

** I, of course, want to visit Wrigley Field for nostalgic baseball reasons, not the ivy.  However, a certain MLBlogger once told me in so many words that I can actually get the Wrigley experience right here at my own ballpark, thus saving me the airfare, hotel, and the pain of having to watch the Cubs play baseball.  Just follow these twelve simple steps:


1. Go to a game at your respective ballpark, in my case, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

2. During the seventh inning stretch, go to the mens room, especially if the PA guy is about to guilt you into standing for/listening to “God Bless America”

3. Seek out the broken urinal that all of the man-pigs have been peeing in since the first inning, despite the clearly posted “out of order” sign.

4. Place ivy clippings you snuck in to the ball park atop said urinal.

5. Remove hidden flask you snuck into the ball park, take a giant swig.

6. Whiz.  If you miss the urinal and spray the floor or your feet, all the better for your pseudo-Wrigley experience.

7. For those of you in stadiums built post-Spanish/American War, i.e. those lacking Wrigley troughs, fire a stream at your neighbor’s urinal for that true Wrigley communal feel. (This step courtesy of RaysFanboy over at More Cowbells)

8. Go to sink, turn on water for a three count.  (This is considered a valid hand-wash by us man-pigs)

9. Cuss at the empty paper towel dispensor.

10. Take another swig from flask.

11. Whine and complain about how you’ve been wronged by intangibles and then turn around and punch someone in the face and call them a f^g. (This step courtesy of Jeff @ RSBS)

12. Stagger out of the men’s room yelling “This is our year!!!” 

I may try this at tonight’s game, after all, one thing Ranger fans and Cubbie fans do share is futility



*&^%$* ****** @#!^$****


&*%^$#  *&**** (($#@  &&&&**^^%$%^$#@# Mariners *(&^^^%$#!!!  “King ******* Felix” &&%^ ***&^%$ Gutierrez #$@&&*** !!!!

Fine, then we have  ****%$#@ ))& Millwood ^%$#@!*** Ichiro %#@  ******* ***** ^%$#  *^%$#!!!!! 

Of course one must consider *&*^^% %$$##  Pacific Northwest ****%%$#^ &&**$#^  &*%$#@ kick-a$s Seattle pitching (((%$#@** **** **** %^$#, INDEED!!!

And then, if that wasn’t enough, F****** ^%$#@*( Joe Maddon *&^&$#@) &^&%$#* Kinsler *(*^^%% Tampa-nepotism $#@(!! &^% *&*** Pena!!!

Oh, but the weekend wasn’t over, because ^%$#@* Bedard ( ^%$#@ **& ^%$* **** %^$# *** ^^#@! *** pitiful at bats %%*** ^%$ three of four to ****** Seattle!!  Add to the mix ***$% $$#^ ****&^%$ f*king Yankees **&^%$#( ^^%$@ “Rally Monkey” &^%$#@&^% ### one and a half ****** games behind %$#@ Angels ***&^% **&^%$ All-Star Break!?!?!?!

Can’t help it, that’s just how I feel, gosh darn it!

— Jonestein

My AL All-Star Starters

kinsler.jpegI wasn’t pleased with the AL All-Star choices made this year, but that’s nothing terribly new, seeing as how I’m never pleased with the starting line-up.  So here’s my off-the-cuff AL starting line-up, based on what I’ve seen so far this year:

Catcher: Joe Mauer, Minnesota.  The fans actually got this one right.

1B: Kevin Youkilis, Boston.  The fans almost got this one right.  Teixiera is having a great year though so I can’t complain too much.  The Twins Morneau should probably be here though, now that I think about it.  He is kicking boo-tay this season.

2B: Ian Kinsler, Texas.  Even though my boy Ian has been in a slump of late, he deserved the nod this year, not Mr. Pedroia.  However, DP should definitely be on the AL squad as a reserve.

3B: Brandon Inge, Detroit.  Because this guy immediately pops into my head when I think AL 3rd baseman.

SS: Marco Scutaro, Toronto.  That walk/steal of second he had a few weeks ago burned this guy’s name into my brain.  Plus he’s having a decent year.

LF: Jason Bay, Boston.  It truly would have been a crime if JBay hadn’t made it in.  He is the Anti-Manny.

CF: Torii Hunter, Cali…er…Anah…er…LA Angels.  Yeah, my guy Hamilton got voted in, but even he says he didn’t deserve it…he’s been hurt all frickin year.  Torii deserves it much, much more.

RF: Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle.  The fans got another one right.  Each of the reserve OF were also start-worthy though.  Adam Jones comes immediately to mind as well as Curtis Granderson.

Pitchers: Joe Madden’s selections were pretty much right on, though I wish he would have found a spot for Kevin Millwood.  Millwood’s win/loss record doesn’t reflect the hella-good year he’s having. The Ranger’s bullpen has created multiple no-decisions for him, and in a few of his losses, he pitched great but the Rangers offense decided to take the night off.

Truthfully, the fan-voting system blows.  The players and coaches should hold the voting power.