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Obligatory LeBron Post


Ultimately, I don’t really give a shiite about all this LeBron hubbub because frankly, the NBA bores the crap out of me and I can’t stand the ego maniacal, chest-thumping, ME-ME-ME!! primadonnas that play at that level. 

Hell, after years of NBA apathy, I tried to re-energize my NBA fandom this year, watching several Dallas Mavericks games on the tube and even dropping $45 bucks for some nosebleed seats at the AAC to watch ’em live.  Much as I tried, it didn’t take.  Whatever it was about the NBA that drove me to be a fanatical Mavs fan in the ’80’s has been extinguished forever, I will probably never waste another second watching another NBA game.

That being said, as a sports fan in general, I still have an opinion on this week’s LeBron James shenanigans.  I think the notion of an hour-long special just to hear him say he’s abandoning the Cavs was a perfect example of why I can’t stand the NBA: the egos and ME-sterbating are just freaking out of control.  

THAT being said, as for the decision itself, I’m torn.  I feel for all of the Cavs fans out there.  This dude was the lone beacon of hope in that sports fan hell known as Cleveland.  Plus, he was a local, which to a sports-romantic like me would be salt-in-the-wound if I were an Ohioan.

On the other hand, the independent lover-of-liberty in me says LeBron should be able to do whatever the hell he wants.  It’s his life, it’s his career.  He wants a championship, and with Dwayne “The refs handed me the 2006 NBA Championship” Wade and Chris Bosh as his wing-men, he might just get one.

But I’m betting against it.  I don’t think the Miami Heat can survive those three enormous NBA egos being on the same team.  Not that I’ll be paying much attention to the next campaign, but I would just LOVE to be skimming the headlines next summer and read that the Cavs have knocked the Heat out of the playoffs, and then go on to win it all sans LeBron… poetic justice, that would be.