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Enough With The “Cliff Lee Sucks” Meme!


It’s not easy interacting with casual baseball fans here in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex, in fact it gets downright frustrating.  Case in point: I’m about to get a chest scan at the doctor’s office yesterday morning, the tech sees that I have a Ranger’s t-shirt on, and in the spirit of casual conversation makes the following remark:

“Yeah, the Rangers are doing great this year, so long as Cliff Lee don’t pitch.  That guy really sucks.”

Now, I know I’m going to sound like a snot-a$s baseball elitist here, but this guy obviously hasn’t watched The Cliff pitch more than a couple of times this year, if at all.  Yes, Lee has had a rough go of it his last 3-4 starts (which we now know is likely due to some undisclosed back pain he’s been experiencing), but “suck”?  No, sir, you are just eff!ing wrong.  

Up until his recent rough patch, Lee almost single-handedly saved our worn-out bullpen.  He’s been an invaluable mentor for the rest of the pitching staff (see C.J. Wilson, Michael Kirkman, etc), and still, despite the unfortunate W/L record, has a downright Kryptonian strikeout-to-walk ratio.

So please, casual fans, quit spreading idiotic memes.  If you can’t, please go back across the street to JerryWorld and discuss the merits of Dez Bryant’s rookie toe cheese.

End of snotty, elitist rant.