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(40, 39, 38, 37) Days Until Opening Day


Madison Bumgarner

Ok, definitely NOT a DFW sports figure, but this Rangers’ World Series nemesis most deservedly gets a nod for what he did to us in Game 4 of the World Series.


Scott Feldman

Yeah, yeah, 2010 was a bust for him after a great 2009 campaign, but he’s the best DFW #39 I could come up with.


Ron Washington

This laughing Ron Washington image is almost becoming iconic here in Rangerdom.  There’s a t-shirt that Josh Hamilton wore once that had laughing Ron on the front with the words “University of Washington”.  I want that shirt.


Kenny Rogers

Rogers did two tours with the Rangers, one in the mid-nineties, one in the mid-aughts.  This pic is from the perfect game he threw on July 28, 1994, the year Rangers Ballpark opened.


No Regrets


First off, congrats to the San Francisco Giants.  You kicked our a$ses, there is no two ways about it.  The old saying “Great pitching beats great hitting” was proven once more in this series.  The Giants played Giants baseball the whole time and it never really felt like we were in this thing.

Anyway, yes, I’m pretty crushed right now.  Losing a close, nail-biting seven game series would probably be easier to take than the total butt whooping that was this World Series.  The whole time it felt like the Rangers were just trying not to lose instead of trying to win, which is understandable I suppose, considering the disasters that were games 1 & 2.

But I’m not going to rag on muh boys.  They FAR exceeded BAPL expectations this year…hell, I picked them to finish third in the AL West at the beginning of the season.

They gave me the best baseball year in the history of my existence, and once the hurt of this World Series wears off, I’ll hold my head high and fondly remember the greatness that was the 2010 Texas Rangers.


(Photo from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

I don’t know what to say…

ALCS_FELIZ.JPGBut I was there, and it was the greatest moment in my sports fandom life, period.

Two more demons of baseball futility were exorcised from Arlington last night, one more to go…and I will be there.  I’ve waited over 30 freakin years for this, and as Nellie Cruz would say, “Es Tine!”

Hell.  Yeah.

(Photo from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Baseballus Disruptus

stars.jpgWell, looks like I get to miss the first two games of the ’09 World Series…Game 1 is on Mrs. J’s birthday, and Game 2 falls on my bowling night…of course the bowling alley will surely have the series on the lane tvs, so I guess I’m good to go there.

And on the bright side, Mrs. J informed me that for her birthday this year, she’d like to go see a hockey game, and it just so happens that the Dallas Stars are hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.  Amazingly, I’ve never been to a Stars game, so it will be a first for both of us.

Thankfully I will be able to watch games 3 and 4, guilt-free, with no disruptions…Mrs. J is going to Austin this weekend.

Go Phils!